FAQ - Dragon Ordnance


How can I pay?

Our payment methods are BTC, LTC, ETH, BCH, XMR.  We also accept WU transfers, and we do Zelle as well. Email us for WU/Zelle options.

How do you ship? from where?

China. Stealth shipping. Turkish pharmacy comes from Turkey.

Express/1 day shipping/ pls amazon service

At the moment unfortunately, we don't have that.

Turkish pharmacy orders do not have reships. For all else:

2 reships to US addresses. 1 reship internationally.

T/A from shipment?

Takes 2-3 days to ship. 9-15 days in total to arrive to your door. I've seen as little as 3 days from shipment.

Domestic takes 2-7 days.


None with Bitcoin.


Soon. I need capita for it. Buy raws from me.

What can you do for me?

This isn't a flea market. These are my prices, they are the lowest on the market generally. You really going to haggle me bro?

Do i have to sign?

Its okay to sign sometimes. Your courier just needs your signature since he thinks the area or package might be stolen. Use logic. If your address has been flagged before, dont sign.

Do i place my real name on the address?

Please do. Aliases work, but sometimes your mailman will know who you are and if he sees a weird fucking name on a package, it might delay your package, even asking you to come pick it up. And thats on you.

How safe is this?

As safe as smoking weed inside your home. Just don't let a cop in.


If you order raws, all your raw orders are reshipped on us for free. That means they will be rerouted through a domestic address and you'd be receiving your raws as if you were receiving any other regular, USPS mail. =)

Can I delete my account?

Sure. You can do it yourself on your account page once your orders are all completed.

Why did my order disappear?

You will be given 48 hours to complete your payment or your order will be cancelled.

My tracking hasn't updated in a while. Why is that? Is it seized?

It seems like most Chinese couriers(especially EMS, CN post) trackings forget to update. They usually update when they are stateside.

My raws arrived melted! are they fucked?

Some raws such as Test e, Deca, Sustanon have low melting points. It is very easy for them to melt during transit. To re solidify them simply put them into the freezer. The quality is not effected by them melting what so ever.

My products are underweighted.

In order to receive replacement products you need to take a video while unpacking the box showing you cutting open the products and weighing them. We also take photos of all raws inside the package and them in the scale before they are sent.